Ross Lovegrove is a designer and visionary. Inspired by the logic and beauty of nature, the Welsh artist’s designs create a synergy between technology, materials, science and intelligent organic form. Lovegrove’s deeply human but resourceful approach projects optimism and innovative vitality onto everything he touches, from jewellery to architecture, to create what many have seen as the new aesthetic expression of the twenty-first century.


In collaboration with Louisa Guinness Gallery, Lovegrove made a series of rings, 3D-printed directly into gold. This was an avant-garde move in 2013. Most 3D-printing required a two-step process, printing in wax or resin to make a mould from which the gold version could be cast. Lovegrove was determined to print directly in gold. The first few attempts were unsuccessful but eventually the 'foliate’ series emerged with perfect defnition; able to translate the sense of virgin leaves unfurling. They have been heralded as the earliest explorations of 3D-printing in gold and have since been exhibited around the world, including in France and Miami.