In 1967, Lucio Fontana collaborated with jewellery and editor GianCarlo Montebello, who together, produced four designs: the Elisse Concetto Spaziale (Cut bracelet) in two configurations (LF3 and LF4); and the Anti-Sofia necklace (LF1) and Anti-Sofia bracelet, of similar design (LF2).


The first editions of all four items were made in silver in quantities of 200. These editions were not signed or numbered; as they were not conceived as 'precious' jewels. The second editions were in fact numbered and signed, 150 of the Elisse Concetto Spaziale bracelets; and 30 of each of the Anti-Sofia bracelets and necklaces, both of which were made in 18ct gold. Neither of these editions were completed and only few of each were made. Since the death of Lucio Fontana, in keeping with the Foundation’s policy, no more pieces have been made, thus making the few in existence rare and very precious.