Blanca Muñoz's work in the field of sculpture, often defined as barrier-breaking, features a significant number of fascinating and monumental gravity-defying works in stainless steel.

Nationally recognized, recently becoming a Royal Academician of San Fernando - the prestigious arts institution with the most extended and important history and cultural validity in Spain - Muñoz’s œuvre is also praised internationally, due to the uniqueness of her compositions frequently inlaid with perforated - and sometimes coloured - steel plates.

These works are mainly inspired by nature and her incessant interest in cosmology, where scientific speculation on the origin and evolution of the cosmos becomes, in her own words, a passionate and magnificent source of poetic and artistic images.

The dancing and whimsical lightness present in Muñoz’s larger compositions is thoroughly kept intact when transferred directly to her jewellery pieces, as it is the case of the Mambo Ring Series and Cassiopeia, a sculptural 18k gold pendant that honours one of the most prominent and recognizable constellations in the night sky through its distinctive shape.