Blanca Muñoz studied Fine Art at the Complutense University of Madrid and later received grants to develop projects in Rome and Mexico, two cities that marked her artistic trajectory as a sculptor.


During her stay in México, Muñoz worked with etching on steel plates, a material she went on to use to realise her first sculptures. After returning to Madrid, the importance of the experience of space and light in Mexico dawned on her and she began to take an interest in light and cosmology. This fact led her to investigate the impact of light on objects and from there, to forge a closer relation with steel to make curved sculptures. In parallel, Blanca Muñoz continued to explore the technique of etching, introducing steel bars onto the flat surface of the paper.


The sculptural work of Blanca Muñoz is heir to a scientific constructivism inspired in the physical-mathematical models and lyrical constructivism of constellations: precision coupled with intuition. The artist is also interested in the botanical world studying both the form and the cellular organisation of plants.


For the creation of her pieces Muñoz fixes on essential points of reference, modelling and soldering bars of stainless steel before adding the branches, connections or deflections. The rigidity of the steel becomes flexible and the grey colour combines with die cut steel or cladding in green, gold, magenta, emerald, or cyan. This mixture grants the sculptures a mysterious movement, generated by the undulations of the steel and the chromatic harmonies.


Blanca Muñoz has made important solo exhibitions, such as, for example, El Universo Transparente in the Espacio Uno and the Jardín Sabatini of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, The Blue Dance at Marlborough Chelsea, NewYork, and Circunnavegación at the Sala Alcalá 31. Her work forms part of prominent collections like the Fundación Juan March, the Würth Collection and the Museo Reina Sofía, amongst many others. The show being presented during the Barcelona Gallery Weekend is her first solo exhibition in Barcelona.