British artist Dinos Chapman, eminent with his brother Jake, is an artist whose work invokes fascination and revulsion in equal measure. Interested in creating utilitarian jewellery, Chapman collaborated with Louisa Guinness to make the wing bolt choker and jubilee clip bracelet. Conceptually, Chapman liked the idea of the choker being used as a 'choker', so he decided to have the jubilee clip and a necklace secured with a bolt and wingnut made in silver - literally locking the wearer into the necklace. The choker is adjustable, with the fastenings adjusting depending on how far the wearer wants to take the 'choke'. For his bracelet design he chose a jubilee clip more commonly found in the garden on the end of a house pipe. It is accompanied by a key on a chain, enabling the power to ‘lock’ someone into the bracelet and don the key until their release.  


Instead of emulating traditional beauty and ornamentation aethetics, usually present in jewellery, both the necklace and the bracelet emulate utilitarian properties, playing with shapes and objects found in useful everyday DIY equipment. Packaged in a blister pack and hung on a shop rail, acquiring Dinos’ jewellery simulates an experience similar to one at a hardware shop. This project is therefore charged with the signature subversive wit prevalent through the work of both Chapman brothers.