Sculpture to Wear from the Louisa Guinness Gallery London coming to Sotheby's East Hampton August 3rd - 28th

Ron Boling, Artfix Daily, July 20, 2021

"The discerning collector understands that they can own a masterpiece created at a human scale." offers Ms. Dubin. "Claude Lalanne's has always been a favorite; Venezuelan Op and Kinetic artist Jesús Rafael Soto's works are magnificent; British Contemporary artist Christopher Thompson Roys is another standout. The Water Rings by artist Anish Kapoor are any woman's dream (I'll take mine in 18k white gold with a pink enameled interior), and Rob Wynne's Octopus ring would set my summer on the right path. Amongst all these marvelous pieces, my dream work is Man Ray's Les Amoureux 18k gold with a removable pendant that detaches as a brooch, c 1970 inspired by his 1936 painting The Lovers."


“These pieces are signed and are either one-of-a-kind or limited edition” says Ms. Guinness, “they can be worn AND exhibited as a piece of art. Each piece comes with its display support—keeping such jewelry in a drawer when not worn would be an absolute waste of art; why not enjoy it as a decorative piece?"


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