Systems and Intervals: Curated Jewellery by Artists

We are pleased to present our new exhibition, Systems & Intervals, a curated selection of artist jewellery that explores the relationship between the contemporary artist and the metaphysical matter through captivating visual and sculptural pieces of wearable art. 


This exhibition is on view, physically, at our gallery and online from 27th May until the 30th of July.





The Universe.

That mysterious, vast and imposing body that is home to the cosmic system of matter and energy as a whole and to which we belong as part of the human race. A place full of limitless possibilities for re-inventing and re-imagining ever since ancient societies began to conceptualise the Earth, the Sun and our favourite satellite, the Moon, as the objects behind our existence and the human condition.

With the Twentieth Century, many revolutionary scientific discoveries relating to the physical structure of space and spacetime introduced a new era for the depiction of mathematics, physics and astronomy in art.  As a result, abstraction, surface, texture and colour became the main elements to translate and configure the optically perceived space and the best way to represent the magnificence of the unknown.

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If you are interested in artist jewellery from Systems & Intervals, please contact us by email or at +44 (0)207 494 4664.