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After the madness at the end of last year, with the book launch and Design Miami/, followed by the gruelling (!) holiday season, we have taken a pause for breath. By mid-February, with children safely back at school again, we feel ready to move forward. 


We intend to publish these newsletters/blog posts monthly. They will also be available to read through the following link:


This year will be entirely focused on the book. The purpose of "Art As Jewellery" was quite simply to educate the many people who don't know that many of their favourite artists have made jewellery. I hope you will already have a copy but if you don't please feel free to pick up a copy from our gallery, your favourite book shop or of course, there's Amazon. You can click here to order your copy.





"Art As Jewellery" is a visual journey though the years, beginning with the works of Alberto Giacometti and Alexander Calder and ending with our latest projects made in 2018. I hope you will be tempted to explore this new territory and discover for yourself all the many artists who have delved into this field, the resulting works and the stories behind them. 


In this monthly missive, we will focus on a particular chapter from the book or an artist, sharing images, drawings and excerpts. We will also add some colour by telling you of our upcoming events, projects and guide you to interesting things to see and do in Jewellery x Art World. 


Since it's Fashion Week in London, and Maria Grazia Chuiri at Dior in Paris last week presented an incredible show paying hommage to Surrealist artists, we though we would rewind to her Spring/Summer 2018 Ready-To-Wear Collection, presented last September in Paris, which drew inspiration from Niki de Saint Phalle. 


Niki was a great friend and client of Marc Bohan, the creative director of Dior in the 1960's and through this long link was formed. She was closely associated with the fashion house for many years to come. Maria Grazia Chiuri has resurrected this link and created clothing which depict images of her art work, taking inspiration from motifs such as her nana's and snakes to mention only a few. This new collection is currently available at Dior shops (as depicted in the images below from Bond Street).




In September 2016 at Louisa Guinness Gallery we presented a solo exhibition of Niki de Saint Phalle's precious jewellery, sculpture and drawings in "Land of the Free: Rare Jewellery and Related Drawings by Niki de Saint Phalle". If you are interested in this particular exhibition and Niki de Saint Phalle's jewellery, please do get in touch with the gallery about recieving this exhibition catalogue. 


Otherwise, please visit our website which features availabe jewellery by Niki de Saint Phalle.


We begin with an excerpt from the chapter on Niki de Saint Phalle.


"De Saint Phalle's jewellery designs were fiendishly difficult to execute; the complex enamelling had to be fired at a different temperature for each colour, risking cracking or warping at any stage. And she was very specific about finishing; for some parts she requested a matt finish; others she wanted polished. Her jewellery required the most skilled craftsmen, and could take months to perfect. Montebello would travel back and forth with prototypes in various stages of completion to show to de Saint Phalle who, he recalls, was an enthusiastic collaborator; indeed, for most editions she would keep an example to give as a gift."




Assemblage Necklace, 1974/2015
Snake Cufflinks, 1974/2015
Nana Pendant & Brooch, 1975/2013
numbered, stamped with archive number, 750 and makers mark 'GM' (on the heart), 18k gold and enamel with original suede case, Pendant: 13.0 x 8.0 cm, edition of 3 (as illustrated on p. 123)
signed, numbered & stamped with archive number, 750 and makers mark 'GM', 18k green & rose gold, enamel and articulated tongues with original suede case, 1.7 x 5.8 cm each, edition of 19
numbered, stamped with archive number, 750 and makers mark 'GM' (to the Nana), with detachable man brooch and original suede case, 18k gold and enamel, Pendant: 11.9 x 4.5 cm, edition of 3


If you are interested in these works by Niki de Saint Phalle please get in touch with us by email or at +44 (0) 207 494 4664.






Artists Jewellery exhibition opens next month at Musée des Arts Décoratifs


"De Calder à Koons, Bijoux D'Artistes. La Collection Idéale de Diane Venet" from 7th March to 8th July, 2018


We are very excited that next month, artist jewellery collector Diane Venet will be presenting her ‘IDEAL’ collection of over 230 pieces at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Diane has been collecting artist jewellery for over 25 years and has one of the greatest collections in the world. We are pleased to be able to contribute to her 'IDEAL' collection by lending works by the following artists, Louise Bourgeois, Alexander Calder, Lucio Fontana, Tim Noble & Sue Webster, Cornelia Parker, Pablo Picasso, Man Ray, Gavin Turk, Sam Taylor Wood.


For further information about this exhibition click here.





"César. La Rétrospective" exhibition at the Centre Pompidou closes on 26th March, 2018.


César who is also featured in my book made quite a few pieces of jewellery and is perhaphs best know for his "compressions" -- works he made by compressing unworn jewels which he would trasnform into wearable pendants. 


For further information about this exhibition click here.



As this missive develops, we will continue to add more stories and notes that may be of interest. We would love to hear your feedback or suggestions for upcoming ould like to hear about to this address:


In the meantime, we have a group show in the gallery and some new sculpture by Sophia Vari which is looking quite beautiful. Please do come and see us.


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