Tim Noble and Sue Webster United Kingdom, b. (1966 & 1967)

  • The London-based dealer specializes in limited-edition jewelry created by renowned artists.

    Bejeweled: Louisa Guinness wants you to wear your Art Collection

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  • Prizes of Intimacy: Calder, Kapoor, Quinn, Koons

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  • Central Lines: Gavin Turk

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  • Art Notes: Frieze! Plus TIme Noble & Sue Webster

    Art Notes: Limited Edition Tim Noble & Sue Webster

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  • punk, precious, and dangerous to wear

    Punk, precious, and dangerous to wear: Tim Noble & Sue Webster

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  • February 2010

    Stealing the show: Kapoor, Gormley & Lalanne

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  • Want to buy a work of art for less than ¬£1,000?

    Under a grand: Tim Noble & Sue Webster Cufflinks

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