Design Miami/ Basel 2013: 'Cuts and Voids' by Anish Kapoor

We are delighted to announce that we will be presenting 'Cuts and Voids', an exclusive solo show of work by Anish Kapoor at Design Miami/ Basel from June 11-16th 2013.


Compiling three separate series of Anish Kapoor's unique jewellery design 'Cuts and Voids' explores space and our relationship with it.


Kapoor's first series of rings and pendants uses highly polished 22ct gold and white gold with coloured lacquer in various combinations to play with our perception of space. Is the structure hollow or solid, framing glass or stone? As sculpture, the design is instantly tactile with the properties of each piece determinable only by touch. Observed as jewellery, suspended from a neck or finger, the work is mesmeric and ambiguous, coming alive with movement and changing light.


We will then be presenting a new body of work by the artist inspired by a human wound. This series examines the space created when internal becomes external  as flesh is exposed by a gash in the skin. In this series the artist moves away from precious metal. Instead, the concept is realised in stone.


The 'Atlas series' is the final element of the show. The title recalls the book which inspired the series' design. The stepped exterior and hollow interior of the ring replicates the space created when the artist meticulously carved out the pages of a world Atlas. The structure is complex, requiring numerous layers of gold. For this reason, the first one of these rings took the London goldsmiths three weeks to execute.


All works are handmade, in collaboration with the gallery, by our goldsmiths in London's famous Hatton Garden. Each is produced in a small edition, for the most part of 5 or 10 and to the very highest standard.