Louisa Guinness Gallery & Bosse Baum present "Interpreting Nature's Gift" : by Janine Harrington at the Natural History Museum

On the occassion of the celebration "Interpresting Nature's Gifts: From Gems to Wearable Art" at the Natural History Museum, Louisa Guinness Gallery collaborates with Bosse & Baum to create a jewellery specific perfromance from the artist Janine Harrington. Performers will be wearing key Calder works and costumes designed by Elise Overland. 


"Like true vessels of Calder's artistic manifesto, the women who wore his jewellery were some of the most forward thinking and unconventional of their time", says Louisa Guinness "and this spirit endures'. 


Featured Performers include Janine Harrington, Iris Chan, Robert Malmborg, James Morgan, Charlie Ashwell & Elisa Vassena. 







 Above: Photography by Tom Carter, 2016