Metamorphosis was one of the last projects Scottish artist William Turnbull worked on before his death in November 2012, and his only foray into the world of artists’ jewels in collaboration with Louisa Guinness Gallery. It is based on an original bronze sculpture in his 1980s 'Metamorphosis’ series, which was digitally scanned and reduced to produce the prototype pendant.


This was then cast in two separate editions: one in bronze and another in silver. Once fnished, an 18k gold pendant loop was added to the reverse. Potent, powerful and simple, the pendant captures the intrinsic qualities of Turnbull’s opus. The artistic importance of patina is a point about which Turnbull was emphatic. For this reason, the same foundry used to create the patina of the original sculpture was called upon to produce the smaller work.


While truly 'wearable sculpture’, the dedicated stand ensures the work loses nothing of its impact while off the neck. Functioning as sculpture and item of jewellery, the work has 'metamorphosis’ at its core.