The Posh London Homes that Posh Londoners Covet: Louisa Guinness & Ben Brown

The New York Times Magazine, October 20, 2013

Inhabitants: Louisa Guinness, Ben Brown and their 3 children
Occupations: Art dealers, Louisa Guinness Gallery and Ben Brown Fine Arts
Location: North Kensington
The home: House from about 1900
Years lived there: 8


“For our home, we had to have big walls to display all of our art,’’ Louisa Guinness says. ‘‘I just used things that we like. We wanted airiness, we wanted space; that’s what you get when you do it in a modern way. I wasn’t cornered into doing just a white box. It was homey and comfortable.”


Whose home they envy: Kate and Clément Daudy's. Ben’s parents were friends with Kate’s parents when he was growing up.

“Her home is very typical of her — she is a wonderful character,” Louisa says of Kate. “It’s so creative and whimsical. It’s covered in poetry. It’s very refreshing to go there.”