Victoria Beckham x Emily Young

Vanity Fair, September 15, 2017

Fine art and fine jewellery—it’s all the same these days. Just ask Emily Young, who has been called “Britain’s greatest living stone sculptor” by the Financial Times. The granddaughter of sculptor Kathleen Scott, a colleague of Rodin who was married to Captain Robert Scott, leader of the famed 1912 expedition to the Antarctic, Young began her career as a painter before turning to sculpture in the 1980s. Her large-scale works now exist in permanent collections at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester and the Imperial War Museum in London, as well as in the churchyard of St Paul’s Cathedral, but it was her smaller decorative pieces that caught the eye of Victoria Beckham. Created using offcuts from larger stones Young was using elsewhere in her work, the jewels were featured in the runway show for Beckham’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection. Six months later, with the collection and Young’s own jewellery now in store, the two have teamed up again to stage a mini-exhibition of Young’s work at Victoria Beckham’s Mayfair boutique.


Victoria Beckham x Emily Young, 36 Dover Street, London W1S 4NH (020 7042 0700); @victoriabeckham